Raising morale and spirits

Sarmie Mommiez is a registered non-profit organization [NPO 125-486]. Our mission and vision is to uplift and
empower various impoverished communities in the Western Cape, whether through our own endeavours, or with
the support of others. The organization was founded on the 13th March 2012 by Cheryl Wilson and a small group of
ladies, who saw the need to actively get involved to help those who cannot help themselves. The organization has
grown with leaps and bounds and now boast several volunteer Sarmie Mommiez and Daddiez. We help raise funds,
raise awareness, raise morale and raise spirits by “responsibly helping” those in need. Sarmie Mommiez and Daddiez
get together regularly on a Thursday evening to butter and spread sandwiches for various charities. Our current
resources allow us to spread ±1600 sandwiches per week and we also have several groups who spread from
home/book clubs/bible study and schools, to help increase the numbers we are able to share. Our Sarmie Mommiez
outreach program also provides 80 litres of soup per week enabling us to feed those in need. Sarmie Mommiez are
currently volunteering to uplift and enable two floors at the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital, and we thank you all for
your assistance and support in all our endeavours.



Who we network with

New Life Centre

House of Grace

Local Rehab Centre – Boston

Tygerberg Children’s Hospital [HOPE Clinics]

Shiloh Synergy

Various Animal Rescue Shelters [Grace Animal Sanctuary]


Soup Kitchens

Old Age Homes


What you can help us with

Toiletries: Children & Adult: toothbrushes, toothpaste, wash cloths, Vaseline, talc, body lotion, hand cream, sanitary wear, deodorant

Kitchen: margarine, spreads, tinned food, fruit, vegetables, dry foods, energy bars, glucose sweets, small box juices

Animals: dog/cat foods, old towels, blankets and newspapers

Knitted items: beanies, booties, jerseys, squares for blankets, teddies

Baby goods: prams, mattresses, nappies, toiletries
General: children and adult clothing, shoes, toys, books, DVD’s, puzzles

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