Tygerberg Childrens Hospital

About Tygerberg Childrens Hospital:

Sarmie Mommiez volunteer to uplift and enable two floors at the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital.

Imagine being a parent having to sit next to a hospital bed with child in pain for days, weeks or sometimes months.
Imagine your child crying and not knowing or understanding why.
Imagine not having the means to help your child.

Our mission is to make a small difference for both child and parent. We try to bring a little bit of light into a difficult
and painful time. Most of our patients and parents are underprivileged and we like to think that our intervention
makes a very difficult time a little easier.

With your help we can make a big difference. We appeal for any help we can get.

House of Grace

About House of Grace:

Aletta Herbst started the House of Grace 15 years ago. House of Grace is a place of safety for abused children who are sent to them by the police, Tygerberg Hospital, or social workers.

The children’s ages range from 6 months to 16 years old. Someof the children are siblings and some are orphaned.

House of Grace is on a farm outside fisantekraal. Aletta do not receive a government subsidy or grant for the kids. They survive by means of hand outs from churches, businesses and individuals.

The farm has given them the use of a house. The House of Grace most Urgent needs is food on a monthly basis, funds for medical expenses and more.

Grace Animal Sanctuary

About Grace Animal Sanctuary:

An animal rescue and rehabilitation non-profit organisation operating in Cape Town. They rescue and rehabilitate lost, injured, abandoned and abused animals, and place them with a loving family in a forever home. Join their cause and help them transform a life.

Shiloh Synergy

About Shiloh Synergy:

A group of projects, committed to the holistic upliftment of our underprivileged communities in the Western Cape, and currently entering the Eastern Cape.

They manage their business in such a way to ensure that the community receives the maximum benefit of donor and sponsorship funds.

Their biggest aspiration is to build a better future for our children through education and intellectual development, and in doing so, building a better future for South Africa.

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